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Next NLRA-Webinar on 24nd March 2021 from 15:00 - 17:00 (Copenhagen time)

“Axle Counters as a reliable solution in Nordic Urban Environment”
by Matthias Forstenpointner, Frauscher Sensortechnik, Austria

"Greentrack" - by Hendrikje Schreiter, Niedersächsische Rasenkulturen NIRA, Germany

The NLRA-Nordic Light Rail Association invites you to the webinar. Participation is free for those interested. Anyone who is not a member of the NLRA or of is politely asked to become a member of the NLRA - this is not a requirement. Membership can be subscribed on this website. If you are interested in the webinar, just send an email to and a code for access will be sent.

Bernd Reuß, Chairman

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